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Why a Scottish Charity aims to own this building:


We set up the not for profit arm Deanwood Ltd in 2004 with the aim of attracting the financing that would allow us to stay in the building when it was being sold by the previous owners.  At the time it was easier to find the funding to mortgage the building than it was to find new volunteers and build new recording studios.  With the help of Social Investment Scotland and the Bank of Scotland we secured over £400,000 in mortgage funding.


When we took over the building it was less than half full, over ten years on we are 95% full and have doubled the rate per sq.ft. Clearly showing that by working with our tenants, by reinforcing their support to blind Scots along with the local community, we have been able to develop the business.


By discounting rents at the start of leases we also encourage tenants to improve their own space to generally their own needs.  Our handyman, groundsman and central heating engineers are all tenants in the business.  Where we can, we keep our trading within our building and where possible within the town.


The aim of our parent charity is to raise the remaining £200,000 and buy the building outright from Deanwood Ltd.  Once this is achieved the rentals generated will help us provide jobs to local people in need of supported employment.  It will also ensure that we can maintain our daily talking newspaper service to blind Scots find out more at

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